Position Predicted by Oliver Vinacour video (Download)



Produce any small object that you like from the center of the deck!

”This was the one trick I saw at the London Magic Convention that I immediately started practicing when I got home. A creative, playful and off the wall idea.”
Lloyd Barns

”I have no idea how Oliver is doing it but man I wanna know!!!”
Chris James

”Woah, I was not expecting that!”
Luke Oseland

”Love it. A surprisingly refined sleight! This brings back some good old memories where my mentor produced an eight ball from a deck of cards.”
Henry Harrius

They say stop anywhere and you cut the deck. When you remove the top block of the cut the spectators are left staring at a small ball, mini rubiks cube or any other small object of your choice.
Easy to learn.
Download it today!


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