Diamon Playing Cards N 22 Playing Cards by Dutch Card House Company


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The Dutch Card House Company has launched Diamon Playing Cards Nxc2xba22 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the series! The Nxc2xba22 deck is the 8th edition in the Diamon Playing Cards series and it all started with the Nxc2xb02 back in 2017.

With its dynamic diamond shape pattern on the card backs, the vivid deck is specially made for cardistry and playing card collectors. No matter how you move the cards, the bright colors will make any fan, flourish and shuffle outstanding!

This edition comes with GOLD FOIL on the tuck and back of the cards. Much of what you know and love about the Diamon series has remained the same. Nxc2xba22 features the same small border-bleeding diamond that folds over the edge of the back design and face cards, allowing for awesome spreads and fans!

The pips are consistent with the Diamond pattern found on the back to create a harmonious deck of cards. Once again, Nxc2xba22 is fully custom, complete with custom-designed power aces and court cards.

The deck is printed the first time by Legends on crushed Viper stock.

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